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So who's ready for X and Y?
I know I am! I'm getting so excited about it! I'm going the the midnight release tomorrow!

So...first thing's first:


(Why Vivillons?)

So it turns out that so far Vivillon has 13 different patterns based on your climate zone!

More info here:

(Yes, yes, it's found by 4chan. I know some of you guys hate them with a passion, but /vp/ is useful for leaks. They're not all bad.)

I'd love to get any of the blue patterns! I have no idea what California will get(Garden,Marine, Modern, and Sun patterns seem like likely candidates?), but I'm so excited to find out!

I know most of the people on my friends list come from many different places, so this could be really fun trying to get all the patterns!

Anyone think that the Pokemon Center will do a big Vivillon promotion eventually? I'd love to see that.
(Vivillons of the World would be a great promo)

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I love all the patterns especially the blue w/yellow stripes, the polar and the purple one. (I don't know all the names yet) A vivillon promotion would be awesome!!! :D

I like all of those too! So it also turns out that California gets the High Plains pattern! I would've liked a blue one though, but that's what trading's for!

This is interesting! I wonder what pattern I get? I might get the one that's near Poland and Germany, because that's the most likely ones I will get!

It's going to be really fun finding out what we get! :D Apparently California gets the High Plains pattern, but I can't help but wonder if different areas of California will get different ones. I guess I'll find out tonight!

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