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I haven't bought anything off ebay in a while and I'm getting pretty peeved with my most recent purchase. I had to order a custom printed poster from a chinese seller(which I typically don't like to do...and this post proves why.) because I can't find any American poster printing that will print fanart.

So the way to do this was to purchase the listing and then email them the image you want printed. So I did that on January 20th. The listing is for a pretty large poster. (it's a 24 x 32) so I had to upload it to my Photobucket and then I sent them the direct image link. I didn't hear back from them after a few days, so I sent them a message on ebay asking if they got it okay. I know emails tend to filter links as spam, so I just want to know all is well. Their FAQ says they answer messages in 24 to 48 hours. I waited 5 days. I sent them another message on the 26th saying that I was getting a bit concerned with their lack of communication, that I would just like my poster and I don't mind if it's taking a while, but I just want an update. I also told them I would be looking to start a dispute if I did not hear back from them by today.

I think I've been more than patient with the communication. They have give me no confirmation at all of my order pretty much. No feedback left, no shipping notification, no responses, no recent feedbacks left for them. The last one they got was from a month ago. So I had to call ebay customer service today about trying to get my money back because I don't trust a seller who doesn't answer messages for 2 weeks. The representative was rather bitchy. She had something going on in the background and I couldn't hear her clearly and then she was giving ME attitude for not hearing her like it's my fault when I ask her to repeat what she's saying. You're the one with the screeching dog/child in the background, lady! So it was a pointless call anyway. She said I can't do anything about it until the 12th(the last estimated delivery date).

I'm thinking of calling up Paypal tomorrow instead. They typically seem more helpful with this kind of thing. I really do want that freaking poster, but it seems like this seller may have up and disappeared? I am a lenient person. If you need a month to ship me something, alrighty then. Just tell me so first. I don't like being in the dark about my orders and I don't like not getting responses to messages. I think 11 days is plenty of time to respond when they say their response time is 24-48 hours...All this is such a pain in the butt right now.

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