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Permanent Non-Pokemon Sales Post!

It seems the only reliable buyers I ever get on this post are members anyway. I'm sorry, but I'm tired of other people completely(and rather knowingly) wasting my time. I MAY make an exception in certain cases if you want to buy things I'm desperate to get rid of, but I have one rule:

IF YOU ARE A NON-MEMBER AND DO NOT PAY WITHIN 24 HOURS, I WILL NOT DEAL WITH YOU ANY LONGER. I will assume at that point that you are backing out of the sale and will refuse to deal with you again after that. Like I stated before, I'm tired of people wasting my time!

D-Ark Digivice(Version 2 Has a VERY veeeery tiny scuff mark on the front. Taomon card and instructions are included. A battery is not!): $85 shipped


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