Ari (noxxbunny) wrote,

Current Sales! (2/3/15)

~*I'm terrible with pricing sometimes, so if you're interested in something, remember that I AM open to haggling!*~

Oshawott Backpack(Mostly been displayed. Maybe used once or twice.): $25 shipped

1/1 Eevee(Re-Release. Hang tag is detached but will be included.): $45 shipped

DX Shimmery Pachirisu Plush(Has tush tag and head string): $30 shipped

Talking Mincinno(Japanese. Says Chillarmy. Takes AAA batteries) $35 shipped

Oshawott Waza Museum figure(Box included at request. Let me know if you want it shipping IN the box, or with with box flattened.): $15 shipped

(Lacking a picture of mine ATM)
Christmas Oshawott(Hang tag is detached but will be included): $23 shipped

Minccino(Hang tag is detached, but will be included): $13 shipped
Oshawott(Hang tag is detached, but will be included. Oshawott has the "error" tag. The corrected sticker had been placed at the top. There's a picture below.): $15 shipped
Emolga(Hang tag is detached, but will be included): $13 shipped
Dewott(Hang tag is detached, but will be included): $20 shipped

"Oshawatt" tag. The sharpie is not my doing, by the way. That's part of how they were "corrected".

Small Chespin and Fennekin(no hang tags): $13 shipped each
Large Fennekin: $23 shipped

Lifesize Tomy Victini(hang tag is detached but will be included): $45 shipped

Also keep in mind that I do delete comments off of this post to keep it tidy. I will usually delete them if they didn't involve a sale or if I know that you have/it is likely that you have received your order. (If you don't give me confirmation of receiving it, I'll keep the comments screened for two weeks and then will delete them after that time has passed.)

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