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Anyone able to help me out?
Are there any fansub groups out there that are still keeping up with Pokemon Best Wishes? It seems like everyone has dropped it. Just when things were about to get interesting(Also, I'd like to see N and Cheren). But is there a group that's kind of up to date with it that I'm just not finding? Or does anyone know where I can get some episodes raw? I could probably understand about 70% of an episode without subs. I just very much prefer subs to the dub because I don't really care for the dub voices and would rather watch the dub as a last resort when they're out in a few months.

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Do you ever get it from this site? They're pretty up to date!

Yeah. I do. XD They just have a tendency to drop off the face of the earth at random times, so I was wondering if any group out there was being more consistant about subbing.

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